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The Timeline

Completing the development of 73 Broadway Avenue will take some time. See where we are in the process, and check back here for updates.


Q3 2022
Construction began in Q3 2022.


The construction process will take approximately 45 months.

Key Program Milestones

  • Q3 2022
    Construction Started
  • Q2 2025
    Anticipated Completion
April 28, 2017
Application Received by City
May 2, 2017
Application Circulated to City Division
October 17, 2017
Preliminary Report Presented to Community Council
October 24, 2017
Committee/Community Council Meeting
December 4, 2018
Council Decision
Site Plan Application
July 16, 2019
Application Received
July 16, 2019
Application Circulated to the City Division for Feedback
Q3 2022
Construction Began
Q2 2025
Anticipated Completion

For more information on this development project, please visit the City of Toronto planning website.