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Inflation and REITs

Our Global Securities team explores how inflation is a tailwind for the real estate industry, positively influencing future cash flows and asset values, while constricting new supply. 

2022 Global REIT Outlook 

This year, Hazelview celebrated its 10th anniversary investing in public REITs. And what a year it was, with publicly traded REITs rebounding strongly in 2021, experiencing a resurgence in demand, occupancy rates, pricing power and earnings growth. Navigating these evolving fundamentals required us to be flexible and committed to our investment process.

REITs as a Proxy for Direct Real Estate Investing

Learn about stable income stream, strong returns, inflation protection, capital preservation and diversification through non-correlation.

A 4-Quadrant Approach to Real Estate Investing

A variety of ways to access real estate for income, inflation protection and diversification. Debt investments backed by real estate, publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) and publicly traded debt-like instruments.

A Solution for High Correlations and Heightened Volatility

Tighter correlations between asset classes have left investors searching for meaningful diversification and portfolio stability.


Hazelview Global Real Estate Fund - Quarterly Manager Commentary

The Hazelview Investments Global Real Estate Fund is pleased to provide you with a quarterly update highlighting performance, portfolio changes and market commentary from the Portfolio Manager.

Four Quadrant Global Real Estate Partners -Quarterly Manager Commentary

Four Quadrant Global Real Estate Partners is pleased to provide you with a quarterly update highlighting the Partnership’s performance and activity.

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