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Private Real Estate Solutions

We search for the upside and we’re experts in finding it. We invest across the capital stack and in different markets and sectors where we see opportunities to create value through carefully constructed investment strategies. 




Development Pipeline

>20 Years

Track Record


Investment Team
(sourcing underwriting and managing)



Our Key Strategies

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  • Investments in stabilized real estate with strong positive cash flows
  • Inflation-hedged, real-return mandate
  • Low volatility and substantial current cash flow
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  • Investments in underperforming, undercapitalized and/or mismanaged assets
  • Repositioning strategies designed to improve revenue while maximizing the return on capital
Icon - Opportunistic


  • Investments in assets with the opportunity to increase density
  • Value is created through entitlement and redevelopment strategies


  • Investments in properties in supply constrained markets where there exists an opportunity to maximize rental density and create significant value
  • Strategy can comprise of rezoning, entitlement, construction

Private Real Estate Team

Strachan Jarvis Headshot

Strachan Jarvis

Executive Director, Real Estate Investment Management
Michael Tsourounis Headshot

Michael Tsourounis

Senior Managing Director & Co-Head of Private Real Estate Investments
Michael Williams Headshot

Michael Williams

Executive Director, Real Estate Development
Jeff Hutchison Headshot

Jeff Hutchison

Senior Managing Director & Co-Head of Private Real Estate Investments