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We are active investors, owners and managers of global real estate assets, and we have been for over 20 years. We invest both publicly and privately to access the best real estate around the world and we actively manage our investments with our fully-integrated, global investment management platform.
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Private Real Estate Solutions

With over 20 years of real estate investment experience, we have a proven track record for executing; and our success in doing so is supported through a fully integrated investment, development and property management platform.

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Public Real Estate Solutions

Tactically located around the world, our feet-on-the-street approach provides for a thorough understanding of local market fundamentals and allows us to stay close to our investments by interacting regularly with local management teams.

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Integrated Real Estate Solutions

Four Quadrant Global Real Estate Partners (“4Q”) offers access to real estate private equity investments, while providing income and liquidity. 4Q combines real estate private equity investments with real estate debt to provide stable income and adds publicly traded equity and debt to provide liquidity.

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The Latest

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Inflation and REITs

As the world reopens at an accelerated rate, we are facing an unintended consequence, inflation. Although economists’ debate whether its transitory or structural, the bottom line is prices have risen. Inflationary periods can adversely affect investor performance, yet there are opportunities to position a portfolio to make inflation work for you.

Our Global Securities team explores how inflation is a tailwind for the real estate industry, positively influencing future cash flows and asset values, while constricting new supply. 

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