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Aleksander Malowany

MPhil Partner, Real Estate Investments

Aleksander Malowany joined Hazelview Investments in October 2018 as Partner, Real Estate Investments. In his current role, Aleksander is responsible for assessing and underwriting acquisition opportunities throughout Canada, as well as overseeing the strategy, execution, and financial performance of direct real estate investments across multiple markets. Aleksander is also responsible for managing the financing solutions and initiatives for Hazelview’s direct real estate investments.

Prior to joining Hazelview, Aleksander was a full-time athlete on the Canadian National Rowing Team and competed for Cambridge in the 163rd Oxford v. Cambridge Boat Race in 2017.

Aleksander holds a Master of Philosophy in Real Estate Finance from the University of Cambridge, and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) from the University of Washington.

Aleksander Malowany