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Colleen Krempulec

SVP, Brand Marketing & CSR

Colleen Krempulec joined Hazelview in June 2012 as Vice President, Marketing and was subsequently promoted to Vice President, Brand Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2022, Ms. Krempulec was appointed as SVP, Brand Marketing & CSR of Hazelview where she oversees the corporate brand strategies, corporate communications, and public relations for Hazelview. This includes content marketing, social media, and reputation management for Hazelview Properties and brand development for all new development projects. Ms. Krempulec is also a certified sustainability practitioner and is responsible for leading the corporate social responsibility strategy and initiatives for Hazelview.

Colleen has over 20 years of experience as a Branding, Marketing & Communications professional and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from McMaster University.

Headshot of Colleen Krempulec