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Jalal Abdul Hadi

Partner, Finance & Operations

Jalal joined Hazelview Investments in March 2022 as Partner, Finance & Operations. In his current role with Hazelview, Jalal is responsible for overall fund operations and financial reporting of securities funds, year-end audits and tax compliance.

Jalal most recently worked for Citco Fund service as VP of Fund Accounting,
overseeing fund accounting teams and being the primary contact with clients, investors, investment advisors/managers, banks, brokers, auditors, and other fund participants (portfolio managers and fund managers). In addition, provided training and oversaw direct reports. Prior to Citco, he was responsible for overall fund operations, fund accounting and regulatory/ tax compliance at Bloombergsen.

Jalal obtained his Diploma in Business Administration – Finance from Sheridan College and his B.Comm in Finance from Dalhousie University.

Jalal Headshot