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Enactus Wilfrid Laurier Students Receive National Hazelview Award for Creating Cost-Effective Housing in Indigenous Communities

(MONTREAL, QC) May 1, 2023 - A group of students from Wilfrid Laurier University launched a project that is redefining housing options in Indigenous Communities.

Enactus Wilfrid Laurier University was awarded the 2023 Hazelview Sustainable Cities Project Accelerator Best Project title at the 2023 Enactus Canada National Exposition Opening Ceremony today.

Kuponya Innovations is an initiative that works with Indigenous communities in the Northwest Territories to co-create sustainable, transport-friendly, cost-effective tiny homes for remote communities. The team’s approach includes training residents to participate in construction and maintenance, building small businesses to support housing needs, and promoting energy and heat-saving designs.

“In order to be more socially and environmentally sustainable in the real estate sector, we need to prioritize innovative solutions today,” says Jasmin Pirani, Director Social Impact, Hazelview. “That’s why we partner with Enactus – it's incredibly rewarding to work with these next-gen student leaders, not only to help us prepare for the future, but to deliver impactful results now.”

The Hazelview Sustainable Cities Project Accelerator is designed to empower Enactus teams with the resources needed to identify, create and deliver projects that make urban residential buildings more socially and/or environmentally sustainable.

The Enactus Canada National Exposition is an annual three-day event that unites hundreds of delegates including the country’s brightest university and college students, academic professionals, and top Canadian CEOs to enable progress by supporting entrepreneurial action through competition, recognition and education.

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ABOUT ENACTUS CANADA: Enactus Canada, a national charity and the country’s largest post-secondary experiential learning platform, is shaping entrepreneurial leaders who are passionate about advancing the economic, social and environmental health of Canada. Guided by academic advisors and business experts, more than 3,000 post-secondary students led 188 community empowerment projects and business ventures last year in communities coast to coast, directly impacting over 30,000 lives.

As a global network of 33 countries, Enactus uses the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. For more information, visit

ABOUT HAZELVIEW: Hazelview is an owner, developer, and manager of global real estate investments committed to creating value for people and places. We are an active investor, with a hands-on team that identifies opportunities to invest globally. We are committed to fostering the long-term growth of our employees, residents and the investments we make for our clients. To learn more visit

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