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We work overlooked opportunities and seek out hidden possibilities in publicly listed real estate companies. Our global investment team is tactically located around the world and close to our investments. This feet-on-the-street approach provides a thorough understanding of local market fundamentals and allows us to interact regularly with management teams. We take a team-based approach to managing our portfolios with healthy debates on each investment. We value diversity, look at opportunities from all angles and help one another see things better. Our portfolio management team has been together for over 15 years and is strategically aligned with our clients’ interests.
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2.5B in Public Real Estate Securities AUM

Public Real Estate Leadership Team

Corrado Russo Headshot

Corrado Russo

Senior Managing Director, Investments & Head of Public Real Estate Investments
Claudia Reich Floyd Headshot

Claudia Reich Floyd

Portfolio Manager, Public Real Estate Investments
Samuel Sahn Headshot

Samuel Sahn

Portfolio Manager, Public Real Estate Investments

Our Key Strategies



Our Key Strategies

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  • Access to best-in-class real estate
  • Investments in well-managed companies with cycle-tested track records
  • Exposure to attractive developed global markets that exhibit high barrier-to-entry characteristics
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  • Concentrated portfolio of best-in-class real estate operating in supply-constrained markets around the world
  • Provides access to companies with high-quality management teams and conservative balance sheets
  • Exposure to assets that earn majority of cash flow from contractual rental revenue

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Our Investment Philosophy

Through active management, our investment process is driven by the philosophy of owning securities that earn strong, stable income, secured by high quality real estate while paying a price that does not fully reflect long term intrinsic value. Our investment process is research driven and we look to generate alpha from stock selection by choosing those securities we believe will create value for investors.


High Conviction Investment Approach

We focus on the composition of a company’s real estate portfolio rather than the composition of the benchmark. We believe there are several impurities embedded in the benchmark that investors should not have to own. We believe our style of investing can deliver below-market volatility with higher Sharpe ratios. Our portfolio is concentrated with high conviction in each position.

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Bottom-up Focus

We have cultivated an experienced and proven team strategically located in key global markets. We believe our comprehensive “feet on the ground” presence allows for a deep understanding of local markets, enabling us to accurately and efficiently source, underwrite and monitor global real estate investments. At our current size, we are nimble and have ample capacity to take advantage of opportunities that others cannot.

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Real Estate First Research Approach

Collaboration with our private real estate teams provide real time access to information that allow us to make better investment decisions. We believe that investing across all facets of real estate gives Hazelview Investments a competitive advantage when it comes to underwriting real estate securities and understanding the risks inherent in each investment.

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Close Relationships to our Clients

Our team is strategically aligned with our clients’ interests. Our portfolio managers are owners in the firm and strongly committed to building a long-term successful business. We put a lot of emphasis on catering to our clients needs and maintaining their long-term investment objectives.

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